Our primary concern at Global Foods is the continuous growth of our company, as well as our adaptation to the constantly changing market conditions. Our infrastructure, fleet, and equipment, combined with advanced technology and years of experience, form a flexible and effective operational profile that allows us to meet all the requirements of our partners.

The business cycle has been carefully designed, ensuring the reliable and secure collection, storage, and distribution of products, with reliability and security as well as their traceability.

We are housed in new, modern facilities of high standards, totaling 4,200 square meters, where a Food Safety Management System is implemented.

Key features of the 4.200 m2 new modern facilities include:

  • 1.800 m2 of certified refrigeration chambers
  • 2.000 m2 of dry food storage warehouses
  • 200 m2 for a training and innovation center for product presentation and testing

The spaces above include order preparation areas, as the picking process is vital to the daily management of products in our facilities. All orders go through successive stages of checks to ensure accuracy in their execution and minimize the possibility of errors.

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